So I am going on ten days for my first starter and 7 days on my second starter. I am having the same outcome with both. The first few days have a lot of activity and then they both go flat. ::tears::

I have experimented with different flours and feeding times already. I have also tried keeping them in the oven with the light on to keep them warm during this cold Michigan winter. And still nothing. I have decided to go down to just one at this point.

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So now I am going to adjust the ratios. I am going to use one part starter, 2 parts flour, 2 parts water. 1:2:2. Up until now I have been doing 1:1:1. The theory behind this is that maybe my starter is eating up its food too quickly and this will give more for my starter to eat. So in this scenario I used 30 grams starter, 60 grams flour, 60 grams water. We will see what happens!

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