The Sober Baker

Bread and pizza

We are all busy, but there is always time to make good bread and pizza. Here are some of the tricks and tips I am learning on this journey. Enjoying what I can accomplish while being sober.

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  • Sobriety: 2 Insights
    I understand that everyone’s journey is completely different, but here are two big things I have learned on my sobriety journey: 1. Be honest with yourself. Definitely easier said than done. This one took me years. Chances are that if you have to ask yourself if there is a problem, there probably is one. 2.Continue reading “Sobriety: 2 Insights”
  • Sourdough Success!!!
    It finally happened! It took two weeks but it happened! Now to bake something delicious!
  • Pizza Margerita… Coming soon…
  • Outside the box
    At this point I have nothing to lose so I tried something different when it came to feeding time for my starter. This time I took 30 grams of my starter and dissolved it in 60 grams of water. I let it sit for about five minutes and it was very bubbly and active. IContinue reading “Outside the box”